Pensacola High School

Class of 1928

Class of 1928

Harry Abrams

Hazel Allen
Herbert Allen 

Edna Andress

Francis Andrews

Robert Angel

Roberta Anson

Maurtiz Askegren


Ella Mae Atwell

Daughter of Ransom Robert Atwell who was born on July 14, 1893 and died on October 9, 1968 and operated the Atwell Transfer Company for 18 years hauling mail and freight at the L&N depot. Her mother was Jessie C. Atwell. They also ran a motel in Gulf Breeze. Ella’s brothers are Otis J. and George F. Atwell.


Catherine Aymard



Nellie Barrineau

George Bauer

Clarence Bell


Melvin Berlin

His uncle was Melvin “Tiny” Berlin. Melvin was the son of Jake and Hennrietta Berlin and the brother of Rosalie. Also see Class of ’33.


Katheleen Blalock

Myrtle Blum

Mary Lou Bogan

Hilda Born

John Bowes

Lester Boyden

Merle Boyett

Wesley Boyett

Mabel Bovee

Louise Bowman

Elizabeth Briese

Myrlin Brooks

Edgie Brown

Eula Mae Brown

Ivis Brown

Philip Brown

Ruth Brown

Louise Bryan

Louise Bryant


Cynthia Anne Brosnaham

Daughter of George Othman Jr. and Ann Leak Patton who married in 1909. She is the granddaughter of George Sr. and Cynthia Gingles and was an only child.


Alva Butler

Grace Byrd


Thomazia Caesar

Frank Calhoun

Margaret Carner

Mary Carney


Herbert P. Caro Jr.

Son of Hubert P. Caro Sr. Father may be in blue book. Hubert Sr. was born in 1886 and died on November 22, 1956. Herbert Sr. was a dairyman, senator, real estate broker, mason, among many of his professions. Photo in T. T. Wentworth.


Joseph Chambers

Alma Clark

Carlyn Clegg

Burnis Clifford

Ada Cobb

Archie Cobb

Georgie Cook


Iris Creighton

See obit of 11-25-2001. Married a Johnson. Iris Creighton, 91, of Pensacola, died Sunday, Nov. 25, 2001 in a local nursing home. Mrs. Johnson was born September 27, 1910 in Pensacola FL and was a resident of Pensacola for most of her life. She was a member of Pensacola Blvd. Church of Christ. She graduated from the Pensacola School of Nursing in 1931 as a registered nurse and cared for her patients in many local hospitals and homes. She was a loving mother, grandmother and sister. Mrs. Johnson is survived by two sons, Maurice (Lovie) Johnson of Elberta, AL and Sammy (Evelyn) Johnson of Seminole AL; daughter, Velma Rigney of Pensacola; eight grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild; brother, Clyde (Mildred) Creighton of Cottage Hill, FL; sister, Nancy (Gene) Labrato of Elberta, AL Funeral services will be 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at Faith Chapel Funeral Home South with ministers Johnny Emerson and William Estes officiating. Interment will follow in Whitmire Cemetery. Active pallbearers will be her grandsons. She married a man named Johnson and became Iris Creighton Johnson.


Mildred Crooke

Wilma Cunningham


Fred Daniel

Edwin Dansby

Malvina Daw

Mary Alma Dees

James DeLoney

Nina DeLoney

Juliet Del Bianco


Alfred DeWeese

Became a teacher at PHS. He is also buried at Spruells Cemetery in Cantonment. Also his father may be at St. Johns. Alfred Deweese (father?) worked for the railroad in 1920 and was born in 1884 and married Dora D. Deweese with children Alfred O. Jr. and Thomas J. Deweese. See Deputy DeWeese at ECSO.


Edna Fay Dewitt

Robert Dewitt

Gilbert Dickerson

Julian DuQuette



Hallie Edward

Juanita Eggart

Irene Emery

Alma Epples

Enid Erwin

Floyd Eubanks

Flossie Everitt

Walter Everitt



Ellerbe Favre

Combitz Fell

Essie Fillingim

Angela Fisher

Ralph Fisher

Marjorie Fitzpatrick

Robert Fleming


Donald Water Forsyth

First Class Forsyth, (sometimes spelled as Forsythe) KIA, USN Yeoman, 1st Class, was killed in action aboard the USS Franklin on 3-19-45. He was a reporter with the News Journal before the war when he was in high school prior to 1928. Donald was the son of Robert O. and Vonceil F. Forsyth who both worked for the Pensacola News Journal. In 1938 Robert was a solicitor while Vonceil was a bookkeeper. In 1938 the family lived at 808 North 8th Avenue but by 1940 they had moved to the Reeves Cottages at Bayshore. In 1942 the family again moved to 202 North “E” Street and his parents are listed with the same jobs. The 1944 directory listed a Donald “L” & Mae O. Forsyth living at 715 North “E” Street with Donald in the US Navy and Mae working in sales at F. W. Woolworth Department Store. IS THE SAME ONE??? There is a Robert Eric Forsyth listed as having died on or about 9-8-1999 at the age of 52. There is a Vonciel Fillingim Forsyth listed as having died on or about 3-16-1999 at the age of 93. Donald was a former PHS football star. 5-29-45, page 2. The ships’ combat duty began on the last day of June 1944 when she sortied for carrier strikes on the Bonins in support of the subsequent Marianas assault. Her planes scored well against aircraft on the ground and in the air as well as against gun installations, airfield and enemy ship ping. On 4 July strikes were launched against Iwo Jima, Chichi Jima and Ha Ha Jima with her planes battering the land, sinking a large cargo vessel in the harbor and firing three smaller ships. On 6 July she began strikes on Guam and Rota to soften up for the invasion forces, and continued until the 21st when she lent direct support to enable safe landing of the first assault waves. Two days of replenishment at Saipan permitted her to steam in TF 58 for photographic reconnaissance and air strikes against the islands of the Palau group. Her planes effected their mission on the 25th and 26th, exacting a heavy toll in enemy planes, ground installations, and shipping. She departed on 28 July enroute to Saipan and the following day shifted to TG 68.1. Although high seas prevented taking on needed bombs and rockets, Franklin steamed for another raid against the Bonins. The 4th of August bode well, for her fighters launched against Chichi Jima and her dive bombers and torpedo planes against a convoy north of Ototo Jima rained destruction against the radio stations, seaplane base, airstrips and ships. A period of upkeep and recreation from 9 to 28 August ensued at Eniwetok before she departed in company with carriers Enterprise (CV-6), Belleau Wood (CVL-24) and San Jacinto (CVL-30) for neutralization and diversionary attacks against the Bonins. From 31 August to 2 September spirited and productive strikes from Franklin inflicted much ground damage, sank two cargo ships, bagged numerous enemy planes in flight, and accomplished photographic survey. On 4 September she on loaded supplies at Saipan and steamed in TG 38.4 for an attack against Yap (3-6 September) which included direct air coverage of the Peleliu invasion on the 16th. The group took on supplies at Manus Island from 21-25 September. Franklin as flagship of TG 38.4 returned to the Palau area where she launched daily patrols and night fighters. On 9 October she rendezvoused with carrier groups cooperating in air strikes in support of the coming occupation of Leyte. At twilight on the 13th, the Task Group came under attack by four bombers and Franklin twice was narrowly missed by torpedoes. An enemy plane crashed Franklin's deck abaft the island structure, slid across the deck and into the water on her starboard beam. Early on the 14th a fighter sweep was made against Aparri, Luzon, following which she steamed to the east of Luzon to neutralize installations to the east prior to invasion landings on Leyte. On the 16th she was attacked by three enemy planes, one of which scored with a bomb that hit the after outboard corner of the deck edge elevator, killing 3 and wounding 22. The tenacious carrier continued her daily operations hitting hard at Manila Bay on 19 October when her planes sank a number of ships, damaged many, destroyed a floating dry-dock, and bagged 11 planes. [444] During the initial landings on Leyte (20 October) her aircraft hit surrounding airstrips, and launched search patrols in anticipation of the approach of a reported enemy attack force. On the morning of 24 October her planes sank a destroyer and damage d two others. Franklin, with Task Groups 38.4, 38.3, and 38.2 sped to intercept the advancing Japanese carrier force and attack at dawn. Franklin's four strike groups combined with those from the other carriers in sending to the bottom four Japanese carriers, and battering their screens. Retiring in her task group to refuel, she returned to the Leyte action on 27 October, her planes concentrating on a heavy cruiser and two destroyers south of Mindoro. She was underway about 1,000 miles off Samar on 30 October when enemy bombers appeared bent on a suicide mission. Three doggedly pursued Franklin, the first plummeting off her starboard side the second hitting the flight deck and crashing through to the gallery deck, showering destruction, killing 56 and wounding 60; the third discharging another near miss at Franklin before diving into the flight deck of Belleau Wood. Both carriers retired to Ulithi for temporary repairs and Franklin proceeded to Puget Sound Navy Yard arriving 28 November 1944 for battle damage overhaul. She departed Bremerton on 2 February 1945 and after training exercises and pilot qualification joined TG 58.2 for strikes on the Japanese homeland in support of the Okinawa landings. On 15 March she rendezvoused with TF 58 units and 3 days later launched sweeps and strikes against Kagoshima and Izumi on southern Kyushu. Before dawn on 19 March 1945 Franklin who had maneuvered closer to the Japanese mainland than had any other U.S. carrier during the war, launched a fighter sweep against Honshu and later a strike against shipping in Kobe Harbor. Suddenly, a single enemy plane pierced the cloud cover and made a low-level run on the gallant ship to drop two semi-armor piercing bombs. One struck the flight deck centerline, penetrating to the hangar deck, effecting destruction and igniting fires through the second and third decks, and knocking out the combat information center and air plot. The second hit aft, tearing through two decks and fanning fires, which triggered ammunition, bombs and rockets. Franklin, within 50 miles of the Japanese mainland, lay dead in the water, took a 13° starboard list, lost all radio communications, and broiled under the heat from enveloping fires. Many of the crew were blown overboard, driven off by fire, killed or wounded, but the 106 officers and 604 enlisted who voluntarily remained saved their ship through sheer valor and tenacity. The casualties totaled 724 killed and 265 wounded, and would have far exceeded this number except for the heroic work of many survivors. Unfortunately Donald Forsyth from Pensacola, Florida was one of those 724 men. Franklin was taken in tow by Pittsburgh until she managed to churn up speed to 14 knots and proceed to Pearl Harbor where a cleanup job permitted her to sail under her own power to Brooklyn, N.Y., arriving on 28 April. Following the end of the war, Franklin was opened to the public for Navy Day celebrations and on 17 February 1947 was placed out of commission at Bayonne, NJ On 15 May 1959 she was reclassified AVT 8. Donald’s service # is OJJ 16880, USNR, and he was listed as missing in action and his body was either never recovered or buried at sea. He was awarded the Purple Heart. 



Constance Francis

Dorothy Francis

Ruth Frazier

Viola Fredrickson

Jimmie Lee Freeman

Naomi Freeman

Bernita Frink

Rosetta Frohlichstein

Minnie Belle Fuller

Winona Funk



Zelma Gates

Elbert Gentry

Gilbert Gentry

Janet George

Blanche Ghislin


Kenneth Gingles

Related to Jamie Washington Gingles who married Helen Meredith Hamn of the Class of ’28. Also related to George B. Gingles the undertaker in 1916 and a dairyman in 1931 with wife Elimina C. Gingles.


Hazel Gittings

Ayna Godwin

Renold Godwin

Charles Gonzalez

Curtis Goodrich

Isabelle Graham

Louis Gray

Merrell Gray

Beulah Green

George Gregory

Gretchen Gregory

Cora Belle Griffin

Gladys Guillot

Julian Guillot



Charles Hall

Inez Hall

Jane Hall

Helen Meredith Hamn

Daughter of William Joseph Hamn who announced her engagement in an article of 5-13-1934 to Jamie Washington Gingles, Class of ’29, who was working at the time as a head cashier at the C&) Bank. Helen graduated from FSU for Women.


Lawrence Harper

Mary Lou Harrington

Howard Harrison

Mildred Harrison

Ruth Haskins

Wyche Haynes

Clarence Hayno

Augusta Hendrix

Elizabeth Hendrix

Harold Hendrix

Annie B. Hinote


Vera Hobgood

Photo of her father Daniel Paul Hobgood Sr. in the T. T. Wentworth book. Daniel born in 1857 and died in 1948. He was born in Fairburn, Georgia and was the son of Thomas Green and Mary Jane Hobgood. Daniel Sr. fought in the Spanish American War I n1898 and came to Pensacola from Knoxville, TN in the early 1900’s by the request of Charles A. Born who offered him a job as a shop superintendent. In 1905 he married Nettie Susan Buskin of Pascagoula, MS and she was the daughter of a well known sea captain. Their children were: Daniel Paul Jr., Thomas Shannon, Mrs. Edward G. Bonifay Jr., Mrs. Gordon Dobbins, Mr. Clarence Oerting Brown, Mrs. Percy Gates, and Mrs. J. O. Manning. It is hard to know which of the sisters married which of the men but their given names were Vera Hobgood ’28, Marie ’32, and Thelma ’33. Daniel Sr. later became involved in the early theaters of Pensacola and then the Hobgood Plumbing & Heating Company.


Archie Holland

Hilliard Holland

Dorothy Holloman

Martha Jane Holloway

Ida Louise Holst

Darrell Hood

Carlos Hoomes

Virginia Horlick

J. C. Horne Jr.

Margaret Hoskins

Eunice Hual

Joe Houghton

Billy Howe

Frank Howland

Lelia Hyer



Gerson Israel



James Jadrievic

Elizabeth Jeudevine

Arthur Jones


Marcellus Jones

Photo in the T. T. Wentworth book. Marcellus became a Lt. Colonel US Army and was born February 6, 1908 and died March 9, 1967. He was the son of Stephen J. and Leila Jones. He attended the University of Florida and graduated from the University of Alabama in 1936 and commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. He served in WWII and Korea then retired from the military. He married Frances Pelham Markwith of Rockledge, Florida.


Myra Kaplan

Jack Keating

Marion Kelley

Esther Kierce

Levada Kimmons

Eloise Knott

John Kohlar



Annie Mae Lamb

Maymee Lamb

Letcher Lamkin

Richard Langford

James Largue

Herbert Latham

Ethel Lavender

Lois Lee

Elizabeth Lindsey

Leon Loeb

Byron Lown

Janet Lusk



Willie Mae Majors

Evelyn Manning

Orene Manning

Nellie Marble

Andrew Marini

Ruby Marshall

Mary Elizabeth Martin

Mary Lynn Maura

Ruby Mayo

Edward Mazurek


(Richard) Dick Russell McAllister

See T. T. Wentworth book for family information. His father is Carl Bert McAllister Sr.. born on October 9, 1882 and died on December 2, 1958. He worked for Watson, Parker, Reese, and Company and later was the circulation manager of the News Journal. He married Dora Russell and had the following children: Dick Russell ‘28, Carl Jr. ‘32, Bill ‘33, Jack ‘33, Ann ‘33, Ida Elizabeth ‘38, Robert ’42, and Patricia Louise McAllister ’44. His father was most likely the brother of Aquilla Richard McAllister Sr. born March 23, 1880 and died February 22, 1946 and was connected West Florida Grocery. Uncle Aquilla married Miss Bernice Nicholson and they had the following children, which would have been their first cousins: Aquilla Jr. ’30, Barbara ’27, Daisy ’41, and Ruby. Barbara married Hal Enyeart, Ruby married R. W. Lund, and Daisy married O. L. Adams Jr. Daisy graduated from PHS. Photos of uncle and father in the T. T. Wentworth magazine.


Sara McCaskill

Was a teacher at Eliza Jane Wilson Elementary School.

Roland McCaughan

Irene McCombs

Marjorie McCurdy

Nora McKinlay

Myra McLean

Florna McLeroy


Angus McMillan Jr.

Brother of Cuyler Pou, Dimple, F. Gavin, and Mattie Mae McMillan.


Modeste McNair

John McNeal

Billy Merritt

Dorothy Merritt

Fannie Miller

Marion Miller

Willie D. Mitchell

Madeline Mix

Alma Morgan


Marjorie Murdock

See T. T. Wentworth book for family history. Daughter of Clifford Sidney and Myrtle Crowder Murdock. Father began working for the L&N railroad at 14 years old as a water boy and worked up to roundhouse foreman and then the engineer for the passenger and freight lines. Her mother was born on November 22, 1888 and died on November 14, 1968. Their children were: Clifford Jr., Marjorie, Louis or Laura?, Frances, and Genevieve. Clifford Sr. was the son of Edward LaFayette and Clementine Cooper Murdock of Quitman County, GA. Brother is Clifford Sidney Murdock Jr. ‘27Photo in T. T. Wentworth book. He was the son of Clifford Sr. who began his working life at the age of 14-years old on the railroad as a water boy. He worked hard and eventually became the roundhouse foreman for the L&N Railroad Company. Clifford Sr. was born on December 9, 1887 in Wire Ridge, Georgia the son of Edward LaFollettete and Clementine Cooper Murdock of Quitman, Georgia. Clifford Sr. died on August 13, 1956. He married Myrtle Crowder who was born on November 22, 1888 and died on November 14, 1968. Their children were Clifford Jr. ’27, Marjorie, Laura, Frances, and Genevieve.


Helen Navarott

Lilla Nettles

Reuben Nickelsen

Ella Mae Nielsen

Laura Nixon

Evelyn Cornelius Nobles

Daughter of M&M Laurence Edmund Nobles to wed Wilbur Wright Moulton (Of the Moulton Drugstore) on May 19, 1934. See News Journal article of 5-13-1934. Laurence was the son of Robert E. and Cornelia Roberts Nobles. See William D. Nobles for family history.


Catherine Nolan

Leonore Nowlin



Margaret O’Neill



Mary Virginia Palmes

Millard Pate

Dorothy Peake

Aili Peterson

Elma Peterson

Leeta Phillips


John Pinney

Very likely John Louis Pinney who married Mary Lydia Durant (1911-2002), daughter of Martin and Mary Durant. Mary Durant siblings were Felix (dead), Marin (dead), Marjorie (dead), Catherine, Vera, Nena, and Dorothy all children of Mortin and Mary Durant.


Eva Mae Pittman

Edwin Pond

Burnett Pulliam



Charles Rauscher

Ola Mae Reeve

Warren Reilly

Eunice Richards

Mable Riera

Malcolm Riera

Francis Robinson

Alice Rogers


David Rosenbloum

Buried at Beth-El Cemetery and was born September 30, 1911 and died February 22, 1970.


Lula Mae Roy

Gladys Ropke

Rosa Russell


Dalton Salmons

Kenneth Sandiford

Hazel Saunders

Helen Saunders

Ida Belle Saunders


Gerald Schambeau

Louise Scheider

Bertha Schielston

Ethel Scholl

Carl Scott

Lois Shaw

Addie Laura Sierra

Warner Simmons

Keith Simons

Walter Skipper

Gertrude Smith

LaVerne Smith

Brandon Sneed

Lena Spector

Mary St. Angelo

Ruth Staples

William Strickland

H. C. Stringfield

Mary Stubbins

Mabel Stutz

Jack Swaine

Joseph Suarez



Oliver Tait

Anthony Taranto

Charles Taylor

Edna Thomson

Isabelle Touart

Agnes Travick

Wilton Tugwell

Eulalie Turner

Ruby Underwood


Alma VanAlst

Alvin Van Metre

William Van Pelt

Katherine Venable

Jean Villar

Marguerite Voss



Charles Walker

Dale Waltz

Evelyn Waltz

Florrie Ward

Grace Weaver

Winnie Webb

Harvey Webster

Marion Welch

Jean Wells

Betty West

Thera Westmark

Hugh Whitaker

Sue White

Beatrice Whitwell

Herbert Williams

Louise Williams

Lowe Willis

Elsie Wilson

Alfred Worshop

Lillian Wrighton



Joseph Yarbrough



Florence Zelius

Frances Zuber


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