Pensacola High School

Help us preserve the history of Pensacola High School

The purpose of this website is to seek out and recognize those individuals who attended Pensacola High School during the years 1906-1945. Attached are lists of students that we know of but there are many more that may go unrecognized by scholars of today. During the years of WWII many men dropped out of school to serve their country in the darkest hours of our history. We would like to add their names as well to those that attended PHS. To this end we would like to hear from anyone who has any knowledge or information concerning these students of yesteryear. Any family background, military history, or the fate of these students would be greatly appreciated. No information of any kind is too insignificant. Please click on the email icon below and send whatever you have so that these individuals will not be lost to the history of Pensacola.  

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